August 11, 1961

My parents, my sisters and I move from Moreland Farms to Roselawn Road, a small enclave of “up and comers” just off the golf course at the Country Club of Virginia and 1/4 mile from the campus of The University of Richmond.

I learn much later that the house we now call home is the original 1923 vacation residence in a development on the old Roselawn plantation, whose manor house now sites in the 8300 block of Three Chopt Road (so called because it runs on an old Indian Trail once marked with three chops of the axe on a line of trees, according to the beloved local lore). The third floor of the house where I eventually spend my college years is the original servant quarters. The house has a electric bell system for calling to the kitchen and pantry from the bedrooms and dining room, the height of modernity when it was constructed, I’m sure. My dad used it every morning after his shower to let my mother know when to start his soft boiled egg.