Home Cookin’

My first CD, so called because I “burned ’em myself.” This was actually a compilation of a number of four-track tape recordings I made between 1990 and 2001. Some of those were named:

  • Domestic Product
  • Some Lonely Ones
  • It’s Rough
  • Greatest Hits

Here’s the cover:

Russell Lawson CD cover shot

And some notes:

Russell Lawson’s Home Cookin’

Delicious homemade tunes from this amateur troubadour, produced in his state-of-the-art-the-wallet-can-afford  recording facility, 3rd Floor Productions. Featuring your favorites (click highlighted title for words and chords):

Bryant’s Song
Charleston, SC
Family Ties
Flashed Out Blues
Heaven 2
I know you
Lazy Gal Café
Lonely Landscape
Lonely Woman
Only Heaven Knows
Shipyard Creek
Walk Back
Wicked Mind

©2001 Russell Lawson All Rights Reserved
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