After more than three decades in the marketing services field, we can bring a rich knowledge of media, markets and management to any marketing function for your business. You may need a new brand platform, a creative booster for your messaging, a production project management system or a brainstorming partner to break an institutional thinking log jam. Whatever service and at whatever level, we can bring energy and enthusiasm to fire up your marketing and launch you into the next stage for awareness and profits.

Marketing Communications

Writing/Editing – 30+ years experience with base of BA Journalism. I’ve written and edited news releases, speeches, position papers, corporate brochures, annual reports, newsletters, advertising copy, direct mail, telemarketing scripts, sales materials, slide programs, radio and video commercials and programs.

Public Speaking – 40 years experience backed up by four years in Toastmasters International, where I was a contestant and winner in local and regional public speaking contests. Experience includes lectures, training, group leadership.

Media Relations – 30+ years experience writing for and successfully communicating with mass and niche media, publishers, broadcasters, editors and reporters with the purpose of achieving editorial coverage of organization and company messages, policies and positions, accomplishments, events and expertise.


Supervision – 30+ years experience overseeing employee and volunteer task assignments. My responsibilities have included hiring/firing, job definition, performance appraisal, counseling, goal setting and delegation.

Training – 30+ years experience training lawyers, service professionals, employees and volunteers in marketing, public relations, computer operations, systems management and public speaking.

Consultation – 30+ years experience advising individuals, groups and organizations in marketing, public relations and management. I have been a statewide troubleshooter, media relations advisor, management and community organization specialist.

Group Problem Solving – 30+ years experience in defining, analyzing and developing solutions to problems. I have been trained in the Kepner Tregoe problem analysis system. I led CRG StraightTalk, a client marketing analysis technique which became one of our unique selling points.

Organizational Process

Research – 30+ years experience in marketing and opinion research among narrow and broad publics. My accomplishments include reader surveys, public knowledge and perception studies, internal and external public opinion projects, consumer product and corporate marketing analysis; focus groups and telephone interviews.

Planning – 30+ years experience in planning local, regional and national public relations and marketing campaigns. I have concepted, written, directed, implemented, executed and evaluated plans for non profit and for profit organizations, with objectives covering awareness, education, political action, fund raising, product sales and employee, volunteer and sales force motivation.

Analysis – 30+ years experience in analyzing employee productivity, project efficiency and cost benefit, organizational structure, management systems and marketing opportunities.

Marketing – 30+ years experience creating, writing and executing marketing plans and projects. I have been responsible for preliminary marketing research, basic marketing rationale, specific strategy and media recommendations and creative support through advertising and public relations for product development, pricing, distribution channels and promotion support.

Tactical and technical

Print Production – 30+ years experience in all phases of print production including developing specifications, seeking bids, directing electronic design and pre-press as well as mechanical art preparation, printer methodology and plate preparation, and on press review and adjustment. I have worked in single, multiple and four color process environments and the most recent digital printing options.

Online and Digital Production – 17 years experience in concepting, writing and producing online properties including websites, blogs, social utilities and mobile communications for awareness, promotion, business development, sales and motivation. My work includes simple and complex websites, search engine optimization, online content distribution and use of free technical utilities such as WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.

Broadcast Production – 30+ years experience in creating, writing and producing commercials and programs for radio and television broadcast. My responsibilities have included casting, camera-work, direction, pre and post production and on air talent.

Audio Visual Production – 30+ years experience in concepting, writing and producing audio visual presentations for training, awareness, promotion and motivation. My work includes single projector and multi projector shows with synchronized audio tracks, digital multimedia presentations, film and video.

Meeting Management – 20+ years experience in planning, coordinating and staffing major membership and public meetings. I have been responsible for annual meetings, special fund raising and motivation events, legislative conferences and educational seminars for internal and at large public audiences of up to 350 people.



Online property development – 18 years developing, writing, organizing and deploying online properties including websites, blogs, social utilities, digital broadcast channels and online advertising in support of niche expansion, corporate branding and reputational management.

Marketing automation – 10 years developing and applying marketing automation in the legal industry and 10 years developing and applying automation in the real estate industry. Includes electronic publishing, database development and management, client relationship management systems and advertising management systems.

Computer Operations – 30+ years experience in business computer applications including database management, Internet development, financial analysis, word processing and telecommunications. I have successfully networked both work and home environments. I was in charge of branch office automation for a recent employer. I have been responsible for hardware and software purchasing decisions.

Computer Programming – twelve years experience in programming computers in the BASIC language. Twenty years programming in HTML.

Photography – 40 years experience in 35 mm SLR and digital photography for corporate, audio visual and public relations programs. I have won awards in color photography.