Thank Ya, Pete

      Let me tell you a story about out friend, Pete Seeger was a prophet and a poet, agitator and a teacher It was a good life It was a mighty good life Singing songs for peace and for civil rights Still hear his voice every day and night It was a good life It was a mighty…read more →

How Soon Will Mobile Use Dominate the Internet

Mobile handset activity by minutes on the internet has grown 125% in a year. Smartphones and tablets continue to take up more digital bandwidth, according to a recent BrightEdge report, covered on Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim a couple of weeks back. Still, it’s clear from the research that conversion, the buying event that most online properties crave, still trails the…read more →

Blogs Build Buyers Brands Want

Today, on seeing an email from Social Media Examiner (@smexaminer) that carried the link to Technorati‘s recently published 2013 Digital Influence Report, I rushed over to their site and read up on this replacement for “State of the Blogsphere” from past years. The key finding is that marketers are spending a lot more time (and money) on digital media, but not…read more →

That Email Newsletter You’re Sending Is Being Read On Someone’s Smartphone

If you are sending newsletters to your contacts’ inboxes, chances are you are reaching their mobile device. The upswing in smartphone usage over the last 24 months has resulted in an explosion of mobile users accessing their email primarily, or at least initially, on their mobile device. Recent research by Business Insider confirms that the United States has exceeded 50% penetration…read more →

Edelman Was Example of Relevance

Daniel Edelman, one of the giants of corporate public relations, passed away this week. The Wall Street Journal had a nice remembrance in Wednesday’s issue. He was 92 and had only recently stopped going to the Chicago office of Edelman Public Relations, which he had started in 1952 and built into the world’s largest privately held public relations agency. I was never…read more →

Nielsen and Twitter Start Screen Romance

The Nielsen company that is the 800 pound gorilla in television ratings will soon include Twitter activity in its scores for television broadcasts. As if we needed any more evidence that the multi-screen experience was transforming the viewing audience. I got the news from Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim, but the horse’s mouth is the Nielsen website that was posted on…read more →